Campus Ambassador: PBA Begins Positive Change

Wiseman said, your only limit is only your mind, and oftentimes said the only change will come by forcing yourself to adapt with positive habits. If there was a description which told the year you face many strange times as you have been through a memorable time for reasons both positive and negative, It extremely means 2020. Which you passed last several months slowly but surely days have whizzed to a crawl. Even though 2020 is leaving you with confusion, try to understand, please! That it’s quite a time to be alive, as we feel time doesn’t run normal anymore, and we are as human beings must to worth and adapt. Strange times can also produce some powerful striking, it depends on, and it’s proved on.

Social life is no longer runs normally, but it gives us space to think and drag new life. Al Ma’hadu Laa Yanaamu Abadaan, these powerful quotes not just quotes. It’s conducted for a long time till today and next-after. As the world becomes terrified, but this wisdom university never stops to teach us a real essential of movement. Relevant with Dr. Dihyatun Masqon remark about movement “The secret of life and the essence of it is the movement”.

Nowadays, UNIDA Gontor for the Female campus held a Prestigious Annual Events namely Campus Ambassador started by strict election and qualification which contains thought activity, dhikr remembrance, sense expression, and body movement.. In the first election, all students ought to fill a multiple-choice and essay test include social knowledge, Islamic knowledge, and so on which contains these four values. In the first election, it has been succeeded several PBA students have come to the next round. There were selected 4 PBA students from twenty selected students. Till test but test passed, contained art scope like drawing, seedling, singing till cooking, so memorizing daily du’a and suurah Al-Qur’an, intellectual scope like making essay under the theme ‘Akhlaqul Kariimah’ and it’s presentation, sports scopes like volley and badminton so forth so on.

By these classy elections, its leave 2 of PBA student which raise into top 5 of campus ambassador both are Amy Fitriani Siregar student of Arabic Language Teaching 6th semester and Yulia Dwi Cahyani Ajizi student of Arabic Language Teaching 4th semester. In the final inauguration, the election was conducted on the stage in front of the audience and honorable judges and all lecturers on Wednesday, January 6, 2020, located at Health Science Meeting Hall. Attended in this agenda, Dean of Kuliyyatul Banaat, Mr. Dr. Nurhadi Ikhsan, MIRKH who also told how important this agenda hone skill of student it also aimed to find the outstanding student for the UNIDA Award at the end of the academic year.

This campus ambassador truly different from the previous year as the qualified one will challenge herself among the female campus in Darussalam Festival. On this awarding night, a concept truly interested as all selected top five come to the stage and handled by a moderator. Regardfull from all audience as all examined and honed their critical thinking. Start with the moderator’s remark “Welcome to UNIDA Lawyer Club as we focus our topic today around Tenacity of UMKM in Covid-19 Era. And for all honorable finalist ought to present their own opinion in 5 minutes”.

Afterward, the turn comes to judge for ensuring about all finalist’s argument. At the end of the agenda, is time for showing talent from each finalist. In this session, Amy Fitriani proudly presents English storytelling by the title ‘Try and Try Again’. It’s such of fable story which told us when you have a dream, hard to work for it because imagination without action is a delusion. Each finalist has to spend 7 minutes to show their ability. So, in the next Yulia Dwi coming to memorizing surah in front of the audience with full-fluency. After all, both PBA students raised into a satisfying moment as Amy Fitriani place 3rd position and Yulia Dwi raised into runner-upper. End by taking a moment for both delegated and all PBA student and supervisor.

From this gracious chance, Amy told us that this event truly a big opportunity for us to invest ourselves, moreover it is a very expensive chance for improving both hard and soft skills. So don’t forget, that all fortune and unfortunate fate were divided by Allah, our progress is about to try and try again. Man proposes, Allah disposes. Yulia also remarked that hard work, tawakkal, and never give up is the only way to pursue our goals. All in all, to summarize its give us a wisdom thought. We ought to select positive people that’ll afford us into positive habits and community because all we got today is an accumulation from all our daily habits. Don’t make an excuse and make an explosion. May this all become a starting for all good fortunes. Hopefully, we all can enjoy the next twelve months of 2021 and be completely different from a new stream of income, self-love, cherish others, improved health, more love, and unexpected opportunities. Let’s break the boundaries! Allah closed with us, we have the power to do more.

(Intan Fasya Zahara-PBA 6/Reviewer: Agung Nurcholis, M.Pd.I and Siti Nikmatur Rochmah, M.Pd)

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